Academic Liaison Committee

Chairperson:   Erik Gregersen  

facilitate communication and relationships between the WPTA and the physical therapy education programs in Wisconsin

Awards Committee

Chairperson:   Ann Dietrich  

Recognize the accomplishments and contributions of WPTA members . Full Award Details and Nomination can be found here.

Awards News

WPTA Award Winners Announced!

posted: March 20, 2014

WPTA Award Winners Announced – Come Help Them Celebrate at Spring Conference!

Otto Cordero Award for Lifetime Achievement: Terry Steffen

Outstanding Service: Rob Worth

PT of the Year: Jacquelyn Ross

PTA Award of Excellence: Jane Stroede

Clinical Instructor of the Year: Jeff Salkowski

Clinical Excellence: Jim Popp

Mentor Award: Alexia "Lexi" Miles

The 2014 WPTA Spring Conference Brochure is available to download at and online registration is now open. The Awards Dinner is included in your registration but you must pre-register. Want to attend the Awards Dinner only? Register for the guest fee of $25. See you in the Dells in April!


Bylaws Committee

Chairperson:   Nicole Marquardt  

facilitate and coordinate bylaw revisions at the district and chapter level

Bylaws News

WPTA Proposes Bylaw Changes - Vote to Take Place at Spring Conference Business Meeting

posted: March 07, 2014

Proposed Bylaw Changes

The WPTA Bylaws Committee and the Board of Directors have submitted proposals to modify the WPTA Bylaws. Any changes to the Bylaws require membership to receive at least thirty (30) days notice prior to voting on the changes. These changes will be discussed and voted on by membership at the WPTA Business Meeting at the 2014 Spring Conference on Friday, April 11 in Wisconsin Dells, WI. The changes require a 2/3 vote in the majority in order to implement the changes.


The full text of the Bylaws can be found at


New language is shown in bold below:




Section 2:  Election and Term

  1. In the fall, the Physical Therapist Assistant, Life Physical Therapist Assistant and Retired Physical Therapist Assistant members shall elect a PTA Caucus Representative to serve as the Chapter Representative to the PTA Caucus for a term of two years.  This Representative shall serve as an elected member of the Board of Directors of the WPTA.
  2. The PTA Caucus Representative shall be elected by the membership in the fall every two (2) years for a term of two (2) years. The PTA Caucus Representative-Elect will assume the duties of the PTA Caucus Representative as of July 1.


Support Statement: The only elected position currently identified in the bylaws to start after Spring Conference is the Chief Delegate, whose term begins the July 1 following the fall election. The rationale for having the Chief Delegate wait to take office until July 1 is to allow the newly elected Chief Delegate to have a full year in the role to get oriented and be fully up to speed on House of Delegates activities. The House of Delegates historically takes place in May or June annually. With this motion the same rationale is being applied to the PTA Caucus Representative in order for the PTA Caucus Representative to have a full year in the role to get oriented and fully up to speed on PTA Caucus activities. The PTA Caucus historically takes place at the same time of year as the House of Delegates.




Section 3: Dues

  1. The Chapter dues shall be as follows in 2006:

Physical Therapist: $156.00 (increasing by $6.00 per year)

Physical Therapist-Post Professional Student: $90.00

Physical Therapist Assistant: $79.00 (increasing by $3.00 per year)

Life Physical Therapist $0

Life Physical Therapist Assistant: $0

Student Physical Therapist and Student Physical Therapist Assistant: $15.00

Retired Physical Therapist: $0

Retired Physical Therapist Assistant: $0

Corresponding: $45.00

Corresponding Student: $15

Dues are not to exceed Association dues without the specific approval of any excess by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, suspend the annual dues increase of any given year. All dues changes approved by the Chapter membership and approved by the Association’s Board of Directors before the Association’s deadline will become effective on the first of the Association’s next fiscal year.

  1. Student Physical Therapist and Student Physical Therapist Assistant member dues are for 12 months from the time of renewal or join date.  As of the last day of the graduation month, the Student Physical Therapist or Student Physical Therapist Assistant member automatically converts to the Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant member category for the remainder of the 12 months of membership.  Once the membership remainder expires, these new Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant members are eligible for one year of membership at 50% of the Association and chapter dues rate for a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant member.
  2. All dues shall be for the period specified in the Association bylaws and shall be payable following the Association’s schedule.
  3. All dues changes approved by the Chapter membership and approved by the Association’s Board of Directors before the Association’s deadline will become effective on the first of the Association’s next fiscal year.
  4. The Board of Directors may offer reduced rates for Chapter dues as an incentive to promote membership. Any decision by the Board of Directors to reduce the dues as an incentive to promote membership requires the Board of Directors to communicate the decision and rationale to the membership no later than the next business meeting. The Board also will collect metrics to determine the effectiveness of the dues reduction on membership efforts.


Support Statement: The proposed bylaws change allows the WPTA to be more flexible in participating in membership pilots such as the expansion of Career Starter Dues over a 5 year period that is being led by the APTA. Innovative pilot programs that involve temporary dues reductions may remove some of the financial barriers to membership and encourage continued membership. The language also directs the Board of Directors to communicate decisions to all members to ensure transparency. The requirement to collect metrics is meant to ensure that data is used to assess the effectiveness of any incentive programs so that informed decisions can be made to continue, adjust, or terminate any dues reduction program as an incentive to promote membership.



Conference Committee

Chairperson:   Marc Sherry  

plan, promote, and present chapter conferences in coordination with the executive director and the local planning committee

Conference News

Spring Conference Issues Forum PowerPoint Presentation Available

posted: April 15, 2014





Ethics Committee

Chairperson:   Gwyn Straker  

process ethical complaints against members and serve as a resource to members regarding legal and ethical practice issues

Ethics Resources

WPTA seeks to promote the highest standards for physical therapy practice. All WPTA members are expected to maintain and promote ethical practice. If an individual notes any conduct by a physical therapy practitioner, which appears to be unethical, incompetent or illegal, that conduct must be reported. There are two mechanisms for reporting concerns. Ethics concerns against WPTA members can be brought to the WPTA Chapter Ethics Committee.

Violations of the Wisconsin Practice Act by any physical therapists (WPTA members or non-members) can be brought to the attention of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Regulation & Licensing.

I. How does the Ethics Committee work?

Who are the members of the Ethics Committee?

The WPTA Chapter Ethics Committee (CEC) consists of three WPTA members elected by the membership to process complaints against members of the chapter and also to stimulate awareness of ethical issues within the Chapter. Current members of the CEC are:

  • Gwyn Straker, Chair
  • Sue Griffin
  • Tina Stoeckmann
  • Judy Dewane

How do I register a complaint?

A complaint that a member has been in violation of the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice is made in writing to the Chapter President. The President reviews the complaint to determine if the complaint contains a clear and concise statement of facts that constitute the alleged unethical conduct. A frivolous complaint is one that does not clearly involve ethical allegations. Upon receipt of the complaint, a copy is forwarded to the APTA Judicial Committee and assigned a new case number. IF the complaint indicates a crime that is classified as a felony or any crime that is punishable by imprisonment for six months or more, the member is suspended from APTA membership until the next meeting of the Judicial Committee, at which time a review will take place. The Chapter President refers the bona fide complaint to the CEC who appoints an investigator to perform a comprehensive review of the circumstances. The reviewer prepares a file and submits the file to the CEC. The CEC then determines to a. dismiss the complaint, or b. notify the respondent of his/her right to a hearing. The respondent has the right to appear before the hearing in person to present and examine witnesses and evidence. The conclusions and recommendations of the CEC are forwarded to the APTA Judicial Committee.

What may the CEC recommend to the APTA Judicial Committee?

The CEC may recommend dismissal of the complaint or disciplinary action in the form of a reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion.

What then?

The respondent may request a hearing or submission of written testimony at the next meeting of the APTA Judicial Committee. The final decision of the Judicial Committee may be to approve the recommendation of the CEC, modify the recommendation of the CEC or remand to the CEC with appropriate directives.
Appeals may be made by written request by the respondent to the APTA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reviews the appeal at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The respondent can submit written testimony or appear to present oral testimony.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice, please contact one of the WPTA CEC members or contact

II. How do I register a complaint regarding a potential violation of the Wisconsin Practice Act?

The mission statement of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Regulation & Licensing is to provide professional, quality services to members of occupations and professions regulated by the state in order to safeguard consumer health, safety and well-being.

If you feel a physical therapy practitioner is in violation of the Wisconsin State Practice Act, please contact the

Department of Regulation & Licensing or
1400 E. Washington Ave., Room 173
Madison, WI 53703

Finance Committee

Chairperson:   Steve Johnson  

prepare annual budget, monitor expenditures throughout the year, and recommend appropriate investments to the BOD

Health & Wellness Committee

Chairperson:   Gwyn Straker and Kristi Hallisy  

The WPTA values the health and wellness of the citizens of Wisconsin and supports wellness programs led by physical therapists.

The WPTA seeks the assistance of its membership for grassroots initiatives to promote physical activity in the citizens of Wisconsin. The attached Health of Wisconsin District presentation shares the history and current status of the WPTA Health and Wellness Task Force. Watch for future updates at WPTA district and state meetings. To see how you can get be a spark in the WPTA and Healthiest Wisconsin 2020 movement, please go to

Legislative Action Committee

Chairperson:   Brett Roberts  

preserve and expand the practice of physical therapy to meet the needs of the people in Wisconsin

Legislative Action News

Position Statements Related to Physical Therapy Issued by PTEB

posted: November 22, 2013



Medical Assistance Committee

Chairperson:   Lori Dominiczak  

monitor and influence policies and procedures to obtain reasonable MA regulation and reimbursement for physical therapy services

Membership Committee

Chairperson:   Deb Urben  

Facilitate member recruitment and retention

Membership News

Do You Have 100% APTA/WPTA Membership at Your Facility?!

posted: November 21, 2013

Facility Challenge
Help recognize facilities for their commitment to APTA membership. Facilities that attain 100% APTA membership of PTs and PTAs should submit a Facility Challenge application. Annual renewal is required. Qualifying facilities receive a certificate, are featured on, and included on banner displays at Combined Sections Meeting and NEXT Conference and Exposition.


Nominating Committee

Chairperson:   Amy Helminski  

Present the best slate of candidates to the membership and conduct elections

Practice Committee

Chairperson:   Mike Edwards  

Practice News

Position Statements Related to Physical Therapy Issued by PTEB

posted: November 22, 2013



Public Relations Committee

Chairperson:   Diane Slaughter  

Promote physical therapy and WPTA members to the public, other health care colleagues, and to members of the WPTA

Publications Committee

Chairperson:   Reenie Euhardy  

serve as the conduit for communication within the membership

Reimbursement Committee

Chairperson:   Lynn Steffes  

educate members and third party payers about reimbursement for physical therapy services

Research Committee

Chairperson:   Victoria Moerchen  

The purpose of the committee is to promote research and evidence-based practice which is part of the APTA’s Vision 2020. The mission of the committee related to the WPTA mission goals is to promote and disseminate Research to the WPTA members. The Research Poster Session held annually at the WPTA Spring conference encourages presentation of work from students from the various PT and PTA schools as well as from any other physical therapist. Posters can be submitted in the areas of research, case study/case report, special interest or literature review. The number of posters continues to grow each year. Additionally, the committee deals with Research related issues and encourages all aspects of research.

Workforce Committee

Chairperson:   Jane Bernatovich  

WPT Conduit Committee

Chairperson:   Erik Jacobs  

raise money to support legislative activity