Student Emerging Leader Award Applications Due by February 20th

Posted on January 23, 2015

Student Emerging Leader Award


The Recipient of the award will receive $1000 to be awarded at the WPTA 2015 Spring Conference.


Current PT or PTA student

WPTA/APTA member

To apply:

PT/PTA students will write an essay (no longer than 500 words) to apply that should address and will be assessed in 3 areas:

1) School or community involvement including any job experience

2) WPTA/APTA involvement

3) Goals for professional development and strategy/plan to accomplish these goals upon graduation

Additionally, 2 professional letters of recommendation are required.

The applications should be sent to the WPTA Academic Liaison Committee Chair, Erik Gregersen, at by February 20th. The application essay should be a word document or PDF. Please attach/send the two letters of recommendation and student application essay in one email. In the email also include full name, what school attending, year in school, APTA ID# and address.

The winner will be chosen by the WPTA Academic Liaison Committee and notified within two weeks of the application deadline.




Call for Spring Conference Poster Presentations

Posted on January 21, 2015

Call for Poster Abstracts

Spring WPTA Meeting

April 16, 2015

Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc


Who:  students (PT& PTA), faculty, residents, and clinicians can submit

When:  The 2015 WPTA Spring Conference will host the annual Poster presentations on Thursday, April 16th.   

Types: Basic Science, Applied Science or Case Report/Study

Submission Deadline:  March 15, 2015

Click here for full details and an application. 



Milwaukee Bucks Host Wisconsin Physical Therapy Student Network

Posted on January 06, 2015

Milwaukee Bucks Host WPTSN Students

In December, the Milwaukee Bucks were gracious enough to provide an amazing event for WPTSN Students. The event included a Milwaukee Bucks game and a tour of the Milwaukee Bucks’ training facility hosted by the Milwaukee Bucks PT and Director of Rehabilitation, Chris McKenzie. Chris McKenzie has an incredible amount of experience in sports medicine; aside from working with the Bucks, Chris has worked with athletes from College Olympics and the three major professional leagues in America (NFL, NBA, MLB), and has also worked as a researcher and professor at Ohio State University. Chris brought an incredible amount of knowledge and enthusiasm to his presentation and tour and gave students great insight into the world of Sports Medicine Rehabilitation. Chris also provided professional development advice applicable to any new professional seeking excellence in his or her chosen specialty. I was blown away when Chris provided each of us with his contact information and told us not to hesitate to contact him if we ever had any questions or were looking for advice.

Although attending the game and tour was incredible, the biggest value of the event came from picking the brain of Chris McKenzie and building a great connection. Overall this was an excellent opportunity for all of those in attendance to gain exposure to an aspect of Physical Therapy that is rarely seen, and to make a great contact with a passionate and driven professional.

~ Rob Hofschulte 

 Marquette University DPT 2015




PPSIG Announces New Award

Posted on November 24, 2014

Wisconsin Private Practice  Award

Awarded to a practice for innovation operation or a specific project which promotes a positive image of Physical Therapy in the community.  Also acknowledges an individual member who has made outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of Physical Therapy.

Eligibility:  Practice owner/director/manager must be a current member of the WPTA in good standing.


Must have positively affected the shape, scope and a quality of physical therapy private practice in the community and be consistent with the Wisconsin PPSIG values:

1. We value business practices that promote the development of small business private practice.

2. We value the promotion of reimbursement for services commensurate with physical therapy as a doctoring profession that is patient centric.

3. We value collaboration and alliances among private practices that fosters growth, and continued advocacy of individual practices.

4. We value business model innovation that continues to promote private practice physical therapy and physical therapy as a doctoring profession.

5. We value our ability to work together; leveraging our group’s purchasing volume to negotiate better rates on goods and services for the benefit of our members.

6. We value direct access and the consumer’s right to choose their physical therapist as their preferred provider of neuromuscularskeletal care, without barriers.

7. Practice 51% PT owned



1.  A typewritten set of all materials must be received in the Chapter office by January 31st for consideration for the award in the following year. Submitted materials will not be returned.

2.  The nominator is responsible for submitting the following documents as a single packet:

                                                Nomination form

                                                Support statement from nominator                                        



WPTA Payer Specialist Provides ForwardHealth Updates

Posted on November 13, 2014

WI Medicaid held several trainings around the state to educate members on the use of the Forward Health Portal.

Key Messages:

Provider Enrollment & Validation:

Be sure to keep your mailing address current with Medicaid so that you receive ALL notices for revalidation of your Medicaid Enrollment or you may have to reapply!

Go to:

Provider Revalidation must be completed every 3 years due to the Affordable Care Act.

Go to:

Group Provider Validation:

If you are part of an agency NPI- someone can go on through the agency NPI & validate providers in the group!

Medicaid Plans Eliminated: (March 31, 2014)

BadgerCare Plus Benchmark

BadgerCare Plus Core

BadgerCare Plus Basic


Current Medicaid Plan: ( April 1, 2014)

BadgerCare Plus is NOW one benefit Plan


Member Enrollment Verification:

Verify eligibility of Medicaid Enrollees before providing service!  See:

Re-Verify eligibility AGAIN after the 20th of each month when re-enrollment is addressed.

Many Medicaid enrollees are switching from Fee-for-service to HMO & from one HMO to another!

Retroactive PAs are possible if an enrollee was enrolled during a PA period.  However, if you are NOT a provider of the HMO in question- you may NOT be able to bill.

Using the Forward Health Provider Portal:

Portal Prior Authorizations are Highly Recommended!!! If you wish to be trained on the Portal- Contact your Provider Relation Field Representative!  See:

The Portal User Guides can be very helpful as references. See:

Provider Prior Authorization Questions:

We HIGHLY encourage Providers should actively call the Consultants with questions, concerns: CALL 800-947-9627 and ask to be put into the specific OT/PT/SLP consultant’s voice mail box with your best days/hours/phone numbers to return your call!


Provider Prior Authorization concerns, suggestions, concerns can be documented and sent via

We HIGHLY encourage providers to submit this form to DHS and a copy to WPTA.  The Department MUST respond to your inquiry- please forward their response to WPTA as well.


Prior Authorization Amendments:

Amending a Currently Approved PA for 30 days ONLY if you plan to DC at the end of PA:

·        Frequency of Rx

·        Change rendering provider when the billing provider change

·        Grant/Expire Dates

·        Co-treat

·        Specific Rx Codes/Procedures


Must have a WI Medicaid Enrolled MD on Claims in order to be covered!  Can be a Prescribing, Referring or Ordering Provider (PRO- Providers) that do NOT take Medicaid themselves.

See the attached Medicaid Update: 2-013-34: New Requirements for Prescribing/Referring/ Ordering Providers Due to the Affordable Care Act at

If you are having problems with Medicaid HMOs- call the Medicaid Ombudsmen at 800-760-0001






WPTA Member Elected to Student Assembly Board of Directors!

Posted on November 12, 2014

Newly elected members of the Student Assembly Board of Directors - WPTA congratulates Rob Hofschulte!

President: Fred Gilbert, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Vice President: Rob Hofschulte, Marquette University
Secretary: Aimee Winston, Boston University
Director of Communications: Brooke McIntosh, University of St. Augustine-Florida
Director of Membership: Lang Ho, University of Minnesota
Student Physical Therapist Delegate: Dhara Shah, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Student Physical Therapist's Assistant Delegate: Jarrod Evans, Madisonville Community College

Nominating Committee Chair: Kait Bianco (Chair Elect from 2013-2014), University of Pittsburgh
Nominating Committee Chair Elect: Scott McAfee, University of Southern California
Nominating Committee Member: Jillian Carney, St. Catherine University



Positions Statements Related to Physical Therapy Issued by the Physical Therapy Examining Board

Posted on June 17, 2014

Positions Statements Related to Physical Therapy Issued by the Physical Therapy Examining Board

Please Download Here



NEW! Ethics and Jurisprudence Online Course Available

Posted on June 08, 2014

As of January 1, 2014 (insert correct date) the state of Wisconsin requires that all physical therapists applying for license renewal complete a total of four hours of ethics and jurisprudence education. To help therapists comply, the WPTA is offering this course through the interactive platform of EDUCATA. WPTA members receive a 10% discount, see details at the link below.

Online Ethics & Jurisprudence Course Details



NE District Guidelines for Sponsorship

Posted on April 05, 2011






Request Form for Sponsorship for Youth Sports/Adult League Teams

Please contact District Chair, Jonathon Weiss, by email with the following information:

1.       Name of individual requesting sponsorship and APTA number:
2.       Sport :__________________________________________________
3.       Type of League: Adult/Children ____________________________________________________

4.       Sponsorship amount being requested (Max limit of $250):      ___________________________                                                                                   

(please list breakdown of league fees and t-shirt fees)

·         T-shirts with a minimum of 1.5” lettering spelling out Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association    (either front or back)
·         We request a digital photo of the team in t-shirts.
·         This will be on a first come, first serve basis.
 Thank you,
Download NE District Guidelines for Sponsorship

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